Friday, March 14, 2008

Emotional Schools

I decided to come up with names for all of the possible schools of magic. This is just a first draft, but I think I did pretty good. As always, thoughts welcome!

Anger + Anger = Rage
Anger + Fear = Hatred
Anger + Sadness = Devastation
Anger + Love = Jealousy
Anger + Hope = Enmity
Anger + Joy = Malice
Fear + Fear = Terror
Fear + Sadness = Shame
Fear + Love = Anxiety
Fear + Hope = Distress
Fear + Joy = Hysteria
Sadness + Sadness = Anguish
Sadness + Love = Sorrow
Sadness + Hope = Pity
Sadness + Joy = Apathy
Love + Love = Adoration
Love + Hope = Lust
Love + Joy = Ecstacy
Hope + Hope = Desire
Hope + Joy = Bliss
Joy + Joy = Rapture


Reverend Russel Lunchbox said...

Those are excellent. Accurate and poetic. My only concern might be Enmity. Its a less common word than the rest and its kind of ugly. Still it is very accurate. Maybe Animosity? That retains most of the meaning and its a more attractive word. It'll be really fun to come up with spells that incorporate these emotions!

Orillian said...

Check out this link! I felt the guy that came up with this emotional wheel did a very good job of outlining each emotional relationship! It might help you balance out a couple of those hard to place emotional states.

Regarding Enmity
Regarding the choice of Hope and Anger being Enmity. Enmity lends itself to a state of mutual hatred, or animosity. There is no hope where there is enmity. Enmity loosely derives from the the word "enemy" and the suffix "ity".(which is used to create a noun to state a condition)So enmity is "being in a state of Enemies"

Worthstream said...

You're a good poet, in addition to a good progremmer :)
I'll roll a joy+joy Mage as soon as that is merely playable, i'm enraptured at the thought ;)